Much like the Goan food which has earned popularity as very pleasing to the palate, the liquors of Goa have a long tradition of superior quality and taste.  The food and liquor are the essential ingredients of the famous Goan appetite for fine dining, joyful drinking and merry making.  The Portuguese connection which has left its indelible influences on many aspects of life in Goa has also contributed to the development of skills for making liquor. From the colonial days the alcohol trade and industry has enjoyed a dominant position in the economy of the state and its unique culture. The Goan highlands and coastal areas bear a striking resemblance to some of the famous liquor producing parts of Scotland in their scenic beauty and pristine ambience.  The welcoming shores of this small state have enticed some of the major multinational liquor companies to set up their manufacturing bases here. The list includes Seagram (Pernod Ricard) , Bacardi, Mc Dowells & Shaw Wallace ( United Spirits) among others of international repute.  Their presence and operations here have brought about further improvements to the liquor industry which has modernized employing the latest in alcohol technology.  Various brands of liquor produced here are being exported to many foreign markets, which is testimony to the high standards of the products.

Blue Ocean Beverages is a leading manufacturer of liquor in Goa offering a wide range of choice to the connoisseurs of quality liquor.  The company’s portfolio of brands includes  Rum Vodka Whisky Brandy and Gin.  The company  management has over three decades of experience in the liquor trade covering all important aspects of liquor manufacture namely primary alcohol distillation, multiple column redistillation for producing high purity spirits, blending, bottling and packaging.  By selecting and sourcing high quality ingredients (Extra Neutral Alcohol, Grain Spirits, Malt and Grape spirits and natural extracts and flavors) the team at Blue Ocean Beverages has developed many market leading liquor brands of outstanding quality which compare favorably with the rums of the Caribbean, vodkas of Russia, American Bourbon and French brandy.

Our team of blenders are innovative and continuously focused on efforts to develop new products to meet new consumer tastes and preferences.  This effort has helped the company launch the new series of flavored vodkas that have captured the imagination of the young generation. Constant improvement of products by research and innovation is an important aspect of the company’s strategy for future development and growth.  We care for our customers and are committed to retaining their loyalty to our brands.  We work in total co-operation with our distributors who reach our products to the final consumer. We  build strong relationships within our marketing network and the feed back we get from our associates is utilised in product improvement and development.  The company’s aim is to provide our diverse community of customers at different income levels with a variety of “value for money” products across a full range of price points.  In foreign markets where Blue Ocean Beverages is not able to establish offices, the company proposes to market its products through business associates and third party distributors, to whom our commitment is total and of long standing.

Blue Ocean Beverages’ modern manufacturing facility at Goa has capacity to produce over 6000 cases of liquor per day.  The plant has alcohol storage of 3,50,000 litres,  blending and maturation capacity of 2,00,000 litres and a bonded warehouse to store 15,000 cases of finished products.

India’s oldest liquor and beer producer, M/s Mohan Meakin Limited (established in 1855 originally as Dyer Meakin Breweries) whose famous  “Old Monk Rum” is a brand icon, have identified Blue Ocean Beverages’ manufacturing facility at Goa for producing their prestigious liquor brands.  The “Old Monk Rum” produced by Blue Ocean Beverages in Goa has a monopolistic hold over the entire states’ rum market.  Blue Ocean Beverages Goa plant is the only manufacturer in India of Premium Agave Spirit based liquors (equivalent to the Tequila liquors of Mexico).

The proximity to the port at Goa, where container ships call regularly, gives the unit an important advantage in its export business.